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Hire and retain top performers + create cultures of accountability and results using the art and science of Talent Optimization

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The 5 Aptitudes of Talent Optimization


Analyzing       Attracting    |   Aligning    |    Accountability    |    Assessing 



Data-Driven Decision Making

A 2020 Talent Report surveyed over 600 executives and found millions of dollars and thousands of high-performing employees were lost each year due to inaccurate hiring, poor leadership, and lack of strategy. It's time for an analytical revolution in people management; we call it Talent Optimization. 

The foundation of Talent Optimization is a commitment to data and a deep analytical understanding of the humans working in your business. The result is a 90% execution rate for companies implementing these practices. 


Hire + Retain Top Performers

The 2020 Talent Report found that 51% of hires were bad hires. With the average cost of a bad hire at roughly $18,700, a workforce of 100 employees can burn almost $1 million each year due to lost productivity.

Additionally, 47% of high-performing employees left their company in 2019. Studies in 2006 & 2001 found that turnover costs range from 90%-200% of exiting employee's salary. A company with 50 high-performing employees can expect up to 25 to leave. At $75,000 annual salaries, turnover can cost this company $1,687,500 in recruitment, training and lost productivity at minimum each year. 

You can't build a world-class team alone.


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Ensure Your People Fit Your Business

People are attributed to 64% of a companies total costs and 72% of its value, yet only 12% of companies have a people strategy that is designed around their business strategy.

This means, that while people are by far a companies' most expensive and most important asset, 88% have no repeatable structure to hire, organize, and align their people to execute on their business strategy and strategic goals.


Guarantee Performance + Productivity

64% of all success or failure is attributed to people (the rest to outside forces, e.i. pandemics). 1/3 Executives state that getting the most out of their people is their #1 challenge. 

72% of companies have self-awareness tools, but only 46% of companies hit their strategic goals each year. 

This barrage of stats proves that self-awareness alone is not leading to high performance and executive teams are left pulling out their hair. Scalable productivity is driven by structures of accountability.


Diagnose + Solve Root Issues 

If all of this is true, that people are a companies most expensive, and most valuable asset, you would assume most would have great systems of diagnosing root issues and assessing performance. Wrong.

Only 22% of companies can identify what is driving disengagement and even fewer have actionable performance data. It's not enough to go to the doctor once a decade. Routine check-ups ensure high performance for the long haul. 

You can't build a world-class team alone.


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