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Transformation that Scales 




"Hiring you guys was the best f**ing business decision I've ever made. Now I can focus on building my business, and watch my team members transform in front of my eyes."

Todd Ehrlich  

Former Navy Seal, Founder of Triserv, BAMFi, KillCliff and Rule 1 Ventures

Success Stories 


I directly tie the 43% growth in my 8 year old business this year to the implementation of the coaching I have received from Drew. He has been a game changer for me. 
Brian, NC


Since working with M+M, our revenue has increase by 30% and we’ve grown by 25 employees.

Doug, NC


Over the last six months, I was able to triple my teams volume. We’ve grown by 300% and now have a focused plan to produce consistent results.
Tom, FL

We've seen a 45% increase in overall revenue since working with the M2 team about 2 years ago. We've also seen growth in less tangible areas, like the unity within the team, communication effectiveness, and leadership growth in our people.

Brad, AR

We've increased our agent base by 35% and seen sales drive up 45%

Nate, KY
We’ve grown our business by over 30%, and I personally have gone from confused and frustrated to clear and effective with my team. 
Ayres, NC
Our business has grown by 150% in monthly revenue since beginning to work with Jordan.
Derek, MI


Leadership development and culture development has been our largest growth. I’ve gotten a deeper understanding of who I am and how I best function as a leader. 
Mike, AR
Our annual sales are up 35% and I honestly am much more comfortable in my own skin.
Shawn, MD
Working with Drew is the chance to work one on one with an expert that helps develop you into the best version of yourself.  We’ve 3x’d the number of leaders in our business. 
Jennifer, AR
My average monthly Production Volume has doubled since working with Drew. 
Brian, MN


Since I started working with Jordan, our monthly sales have grown by 60% and we’ve doubled our number of agents. 
Josh, TN
Working with Jordan will guarantee that you will receive insightful guidance, clear processes, and training on how to best leverage your strengths to lead yourself and others.
Rex, NC
Yes my overall profit has increased, but my mindset was the main area I wanted help in, In feeling confident, I’d say I've gone from a 3 to a 7.
Luke, NC
Our business has grown 25% in annual revenue and I’ve been given tools and language to develop fundamental leadership principles.
Ciciliy, NC


It's time to transform your organization.

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