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Fast-growing organizations face 3 core challenges as they evolve from organic to organized.


Execution       Energy    |   EQ



Organizational complexity grows past the leadership team's ability to personally carry the entire load.  Opening the door to missed goals, pushed deadlines, and revenue plateaus.

67% of senior executives admit their well crafted strategies failed due to poor execution. 


Speedy growth creates management opportunities for first-time leaders.  Too often, their lack of leadership skills allows drama, insecurity, and underperformance to creep into the workplace.

Teams of emotionally unintelligent managers are 4x more likely to quit, costing the company 1.5x the salary for each employee. 

Energy Mgt.

Fast-growing companies struggle to staff at the pace of growth, resulting in high work-per-employee load.  To keep up with demand, employees flip-flop between survival mode and burnout, eventually resulting in disengagementturnover.


Companies with a disengaged workforce are 21% less productive and 22% less profitable.

You can't build a world-class team alone.


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